Picking The Right Bra After Breast Augmentation

Published: 09th September 2008
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There are few times in a woman's life when a perfect fitting bra is an absolute must. After a boob job, however, the style and fit of a bra can make or break the recovery process. With this in mind, making sure a very good bra is selected should be a top priority following breast augmentation surgery.

There are a number of reasons why having the right bra can prove to be very important after surgery. They include:

* Comfort - While many women who go in for breast augmentation surgery have never before needed a bra for the "comfort factor," this can become an issue with larger size and more bulk. After surgery, in particular, comfort can be a very big issue.

* Recovery - Wearing the right type of supportive bra can make the recovery process following breast enlargement surgery go much more smoothly. A good bra can also assist with the final shaping and help women avoid appearance complications.

* Prevention of rapid descent - When rapid descent occurs, the breast below the nipple is larger than the breast above the nipple line. While this can still give a woman a bigger, more "natural" appearance, the overall effect is unbecoming in the eyes of many women. It makes the breasts appear saggy and aged.

Avoiding potential problems following breast augmentation surgery is often quite achievable when the right bra is worn. The things to consider when picking out a bra following breast enlargement include:

* Timing - A well fitted bra should generally be picked out and worn on a regular basis starting at about two to three weeks following breast augmentation surgery.

* Wire fit - This should fall on the new breast crease exactly.

* The cup - This is very important when selecting a bra following a boob job. The cup itself should be firm and designed to evenly support the new breast. This means it should neither be too shallow, nor too deep.

* The straps - The vertical straps need to be strong enough to hold the breasts firmly in position. The back strap should also be firm, but do keep comfort in mind.

Some tips to help locate a perfect bra following augmentation that are well worth following include:

* Seek assistance - It is not a bad idea to go to a good department store and receive measurement and fit assistance from an experienced saleswoman. This can help insure a good fit.

* Double-check the bra with the surgeon - Do bring fitted bras to post surgical visits to allow the doctor to check the fit.

* Do not wear push-up bras - As flattering as these can be, they can cause improper positioning of the implant and can even cause breast deformities during healing.

Having the right bra following breast augmentation surgery is extremely important. Picking out the correct support can assist with healing, implant positioning and even increase comfort level in the days, weeks and months following the procedure. Women should take care when selecting a bra to make sure just the right fit is obtained.

Dr Zion Chan is a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, specialising in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and box. For a free consultation please visit Breast Enlargement.

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